I like the way Debbie attends to us as individuals, and quietly suggest corrections to us on the spot during the course of the lesson. 

Brenda - Hatfield


One word perfectly describes Debbies pilates classes - FAB-U-LOUS. Sue, W.Green

Sue - Welham Green


I have been attending Debbie's Pilates class for a couple of years and find her an extremely good and caring teacher. She is very aware and considerate to our health issues. For myself I have had bad hips and found a few things not as easy as they were. I recently had a hip replacement and found that having done Pilates certainly aided my recovery, i am now very pleased to be back in her class.

Barbara W - Welham Green class


After taking your yoga class for the past six months, I feel I would like to thank you for your time and patience in helping me understand the "yoga practice“. Initially, my flexibility was poor, and I wrongly assumed yoga was a stretch class. Even though the class is of mixed ability, you manage to communicate to each student, making them feel that the class is tailored to them. You've introduced visualisation, meditation, and yogic breathing, which I have now learnt is a integral part of the "yoga practise", incorporating this to my daily life. If someone told me six months ago that doing a your yoga class, will make me feel energised, and achieve inner peace, I would have been very dismissive, however I have been very pleasantly surprised.


Adam -


I joined Pilates classes with Debbie because i had a chronic neck problem, mainly due to poor posture. More than 6 years later I am still enjoying classes and have much improved posture and core strength resulting in no more neck issues. 

Mandy W - Brookmans Park class


I originally started pilates to help manage the consequences of arthritic hips and continued with Debbie following a hip replacement. Debbie is always careful to ensure that her clients do not overstretch themselves but also provides scope for people to work to their capabilities and progress. I would thoroughly recommend her classes.

Gary S -


Pilates - most definately worthwhile! Competitive sport has never been my thing ... or gyms ... but I'm really getting into pilates. The way you can alter it to cope with 'ailment of the day' really suits me. Very impressive (and reassuring) how you remember everyone's individual weaknesses.

class participant -


Developing Osteo arthritis has restricted my ability to exercise due to painful aching joints. Thanks to Debbies' Pilates Classes within a few months I have felt the benefit of the regular pilates exercises which I feel are helping to improve my flexibility, muscle tone and posture.  

Sheila D -


'Debbie's classes are of a size that enables her to manage everyone's differing fitness levels, while affording her the opportunity, using her years of experience, to give individual advice and help with technique. The exercises are regularly changed during the term so that focus is given to different areas of the body. ' 

Linda - Welwyn


Feeling very happy after Friday's session. Ive been coming to you for about four months now and am definately feeling the benefit. Several people have asked me if I've lost weight. Who knows, I never weigh myself but I'm walking harder when out with the dog so possibly. Or maybe I'm just standing taller than I have in twenty years!

Happy client -

Brookmans Park Osteopath Practice 

As an Osteopath I highly recommend Pilates as a form of rehabilitation, post injury and prevention, and for well being.

I have referred patients to Debbie for over 7 years because she is an expert at what she does and I know my patients are always in good hands

Nick Cowan, Osteopath - Brookmans Park


I have suffered from fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue for many years, living in constant pain. I’ve also quite recently undergone surgery on three occasions leaving me with severely impaired movement of one arm and a weakened and painful hip. Since I started attending Debbie’s classes the changes have been amazing and I feel so much better. My arm and hip mobility and strength are both greatly improved. Friends have asked if I’ve lost weight but I think it’s just that I’m standing taller than I have for years! I’ve never really enjoyed exercise but find myself enjoying the classes which are small and very friendly. I feel safe in the knowledge that you can easily adapt each exercise should you need to protect an injury and Debbie is always on hand to give direction. She keeps a watchful eye on each individual while instructing the whole class - very impressive!

Heather - Brookmans Park class


'Debbie's classes have helped me improve my posture and core strength, and she creates a relaxed atmosphere whilst being very attentive to each individual's technique and any health issues they may have.'

John -


Pilates keeps me supple, helps me understand where my body is at and what exercises I need to do to maintain my health and wellbeing. Starting each week with one of Debbie's classes is just what I need on a Monday morning to get me going and ready to face whatever the week may bring.

Sue M - Brookmans Park class